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10-14 y.o

When your child is just 10 years old, it may be hard both for you and him to choose a proper path in life. Still, it’s exactly at that age when most children have their initial character type formed and maintained.   All of this together makes it a perfect opportunity for either of you to try the proven path of military boarding school – the one that can help up bring the best in your child, injecting him with so needed self-discipline and cautiousness…   The ArmyAcademty is the most popular military-themed boys’ boarding school that provides a structured, engaging and distraction-free community that applies and popularizes the positive attitude, pride, health and academic achievement in ADHD characteristic boys that are otherwise being “left out” and “left behind”.

Meet Our Academy’s Instructors

Each and every out of our diverse range of faculty members was or is an active duty officers in the US Army. On par with that, each of them specializes in either of the general educational classes like science, math or Literature, that we do teach here to our young cadets!

Dieter Otto

Dieter Otto

Schatzmeister, Schriftführer

Lebenslauf Geboren in Hamburg im Jahre 1976 Zivildienst mit Kindern in einer Grundschule Studium zum "Assistenten für Elektronik und Datentechnik" Ausbildung zum Piloten Dozent für Allgemeine
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Claudia Otto

Claudia Otto


1. Vorsitzende: Claudia Otto  
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Devendra Amgain

Devendra Amgain

Vertretung in Nepal

Unser Stellvertreter in Nepal  
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Tuition; Boarding & Education Process Fees

Each specific case is different in its own way, but our plans vary as well! Here’s the list of the most popular services that our plastic surgery department offers:

  • Yearly Tuition $155
  • Books $145
  • Housing $135
  • Food $125
  • Food $155
  • Equipment $145
  • Uniform $135
  • Insurance $125